Lonny Kapelushnik
Lonny Kapelushnik

My Story

From the first VCR I took apart (which I got back together!) to the first web page I built at 9 years old I have been interested in technology and how everything around me works. I am proud to say, since then, I have accomplished a lot with technology.

Over the first few years of my professional career I helped to develop, expand, and manage sites such as http://www.babble.com, http://www.bundoo.com, and http://www.brokelyn.com. Each of these sites have had their own enjoyably unique technology and organization challenges that had to be discovered, articulated, and, finally, solved. Some of the challenges I’ve had a part in solving were scaling to handle traffic in the millions, processing large amounts of data, and working with and creating new APIs. In every situation I reaffirmed my love for technology and developed a new and growing love for organizations.

With its rapid evolutions I am amazed by technology every day. From the advances of web browsers to wearable devices I am pleased to live in the present and excited about new discoveries and challenges in the future.

In addition to technology I have also focused on organizations and how they function. I am enthralled by how different organizations tick and love to engage in discussions to discern what effects may be achieved by doing something a certain way.

I look forward to the future and my next adventure, whatever the challenge may be.